Our Services

Respect for the inherent dignity of our patients and their families, our team members, other healthcare provides, and ourselves.

One of our core values

Skilled Nursing

Through skilled nursing services, we coordinate transitional care and provide for the following types of patient needs. Skilled Nursing includes health assessments, teaching for medical conditions and disease management for clients and families, drawing samples for lab tests, wound care to include dressing changes, medication management, training and compliance, management of IV’s and more. Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses are available around the clock, and care is provided under the direction of your physician. Nurses create individualized treatment plans based on your physician’s orders.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists assess the patient’s functional abilities and establish a rehabilitative plan with realistic goals. The physical therapist, in consultation with the physician, works with patients and families to establish home exercise programs to improve strength range of motion, endurance, gait training, mobility, and balance. The physical therapist may use modalities such as massage, heat and water, ultrasound, weights, peddlers, pulleys, electrical stimulation, specialized MIRE treatments or other devices intended to restore function, maximize performance or alleviate pain.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy can help a person who is experiencing difficulty with a variety of functional problems. Dressing, bathing, shopping for food or personal items, and carrying out daily activities safely can be particularly challenging. Occupational therapy can also aid the person with more serious problems resulting from chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, stoke, Parkinson’s disease, and Multiple Sclerosis. Occupational therapists work with patients and their caregivers.

Speech Therapy

The speech and language pathologist assists patients with disorders of communication, cognition, and swallowing. This includes the wide variety of problems people may have in language, speech, thinking skills, fluency, voice, social skills, and hearing. The speech and language pathologist offers specialized training for patients who have issues with swallowing. The speech and language pathologist focuses on the nature of the problem, the causes, and the impact on the patient. The speech and language pathologist, in consultation with the physician, works with patients and their families to establish home exercise programs and treatment plans that are targeted towards collectively determined goals. The speech and language pathologist may utilize specialized equipment for voice and language development, for nerve stimulation or for a bedside swallow study as part of the treatment plan.

Medical Social Work

Meeting the challenges of caring for a loved one at home can be difficult and stressful. SA Nurses Home Health Social Workers evaluate the social and emotional factors, provide counseling, assist patients and their family members identify available community resources, and coordinate a variety of services.